KMO Video is an international video production company, based in Belgium. We focus on delivering high quality, affordable internet video. Internet video that works!

Why would you choose KMO Video?

  • we have an international network of video freelancers (active in over 35 countries) through our video freelancer network
  • we have developed an internal video production workflow tool, to handle a high number of international video productions at the same time
  • we focus on high quality, but affordable internet video
  • we have international experience through our own restaurant video guide: (have a closer look at our video's in Brussels, Amsterdam, London and many other international cities)

Please contact us so we can work with you on your international video projects.

KMO Video
Dorpsstraat 51d
3945 Ham

Tel: +32 13 29 27 81
Fax: +32 13 29 27 82


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